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At Back2Life Solutions we are committed to impacting world health and freeing people from physical and financial pain while growing a global distribution network of customers and business partners. 

Our story is not unlike most people. Over 2 years ago we found ourselves unhealthy, unfulfilled, overworked, underpaid and uninspired. 

Can anyone relate?

After watching a friend get healthy and happy on Facebook, my wife reached out to find out what she was doing. 

After learning what the system could do for us, as a couple, my wife jumped in. 

I, on the other hand, was a huge skeptic. I said things like, "This is just another one of those things"..."We can't afford it" name it, I said it. But like always, my wife was patient and understanding with me and said the words that I could understand..."It has a 30 day money back guarantee". Well, that was that. With my overgrown ego and pride I decided to do the system exactly as it was designed..."to the letter". And I was gonna prove to my wife that this system will not/does not work. Then after 29 days I'll call the company and get my money back. And I'll be right! With my ego fully intact. 

Well...After only days on the system, we were amazed at the results. So much so I asked, "Is this stuff legal?"

Needless to say, I totally fell in love with the products and got addicted to the results they provided. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! I learned a valuable lesson. Don't allow your ego and pride to stand in the way of something that you've been seeking and praying for. 

What if this is it? It was for us. 

As friends and family started to notice the difference in our appearance, energy, mood, and overall well being, they started to ask us what we were doing. Naturally we shared. 

And time and time again as we told our story we kept using the phrase, "It feels like we got our life back". 

Now we are passionate about sharing these life transforming solutions, because we believe everyone deserves to feel, look and live their ideal life. 

If you are ready to (finally) experience healthy weight management...

If you are ready to have "kid like" energy...

If you are ready to notice, feel and experience real results from your workouts...

If you are wanting to feel and look younger...

If you are looking for a business opportunity that offers immediate income, time freedom, global expansion and the ability to create long term residual income. 



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Melody Dupre


As a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother Melody is unapologetic about speaking truth into people about their inner worth, beauty, and unlimited capabilities. Her servant's heart is a testament to her faith and provides the love and support for her family and Back2Life Solutions. 

Chad Dupre


As a son, husband, father and grandfather Chad is a life long entrepreneur. With experience in owning and growing small businesses he brings real world business experience and passion to Back2Life Solutions. work from home